PETER RIXChief Technology Officer and Infrastructure Executive: ABSA

Chief Technology Officer, Barclays Africa Group Originally qualified as an electronic engineer, Peter’s technology career took shape in the telecommunication industry in the early years of the dot com era, where he occupied senior management roles at both Dimension Data and Internet Solutions. Prior to joining Barclays as CIO for the CIB division, and subsequently Acting CIO for Barclays Africa, Peter accumulated 18 years of experience in senior technology leadership roles within the Standard Bank Group. He was appointed CTO in 2015 to lead Barclays Africa’s strategic technology architecture in driving new agile engineering capabilities, as well as scalable, commoditised and fit-for-purpose solutions, across our Africa footprint.


JOSEF LANGERMANExecutive Group Head for Engineering: STANDARDBANK

In this role at Standardbank, Josef is responsible for the transformation of Standard Bank Group IT into a high velocity customer centric organisation. This entails changing the ways of working to Lean, DevOps and Agile methodologies, as well as establishing the culture and industry communities that will enable this large scale transformation. He is passionate about how these new ways of working can make South Africa competitive in the global context. As co-founder of the FastFish Forum and DevOps days he aims to bring together big IT, academia and suppliers to make a positive change in the South African ICT industry. He holds a PhD in Computer Science and is a Visiting Associate Professor at the University of Johannesburg and teaches Honnours and Masters courses at various institutions.

Jason Suttie

Jason Suttie Head of Engineering at The Foundery: RMB's Disruption & Innovation Unit

Technical leadership is a natural fit for Jason, and his career in Telecommunications, Enterprise Software and Consulting lead him to his career at RMB in 2010. Jason became Head of Development & Integration – which later expanded to Head of Core Technology to encompass a broader portfolio that included BI. Jason established strong Centers of Excellence as well as introduced Agile to RMB. In 2015 Jason also became an ambassador in the DevOps movement in South Africa, as well as internationally. Jason most recently ran the RMB Head of Technical Architecture role and now fills the Head of Engineering role at Foundery which officially started late 2016. Believer of Infrastructure As Code. Cheerleader of Agile. Ambassador of DevOps. Diagnostician for Silo Sickness. The force behind the technology disruption unit.

Brett St Clair

Brett St ClairHead of Digital Product Management: ABSA

Moving from determining how to change the bank into a Technology business, to joining the new Chief Digital Office (CDO) Exco responsible for the Digital Product Management team in Group comprising of over 30 digital products (online and apps), Crazy exciting times as we re-imagine Banking, Focusing on our Customers first, placing Design at the cutting edge while building Tech at the same pace and quality as a Google. Rebuilding the Digital teams to work in a Lean Agile way. Rebuilding our Mobile and Online Presence, rebuilding all our VAS services, Building our ability to do Straight through Sales online, driving innovation with World Firsts like Chat Banking on Messenger.


DANIEL ACTONRegional Tech Lead - Cloud: Google

I am a technically strong, experienced, hands-on, curious and data-driven thought leader. I have worked in consulting-like roles for large multinational companies for over 10 years. I am passionate about technology and its applications. I have broad and deep knowledge and skills across scaling, tools and automation, and business intelligence. My simple goal is to add value to the organisation in which I work and the world in general. To this end, I actively seek involvement in community projects such as developer relations and outreach. I hold a Masters of Science in Computer Science, and I thoroughly enjoy academic research, having published a paper in a peer-reviewed journal.

Kevin Rolfe

Kevin RolfeHead Of Technology Cluster: CTO

I’m a highly experienced Senior IT Leader with 20 years of experience in the IT field, including providing IT consulting and strategic leadership over the last 12years. I leverage my deep IT knowledge in strategic IT, systems, programming, networks, infrastructure, data, analysis, and architecture to contribute significantly to the direction of businesses and the operational execution of objectives. I effectively manage all operational aspects of the IT function, including daily systems and support, network and data security, business intelligence, software development, and project management and system / business analysis. My broad business background allows me to have a big picture perspective when dealing with business challenges, as well as managing resources, budgeting, cost control, and customer relationship management.

Ross Addis

Ross AddisSenior Solution Architect: RedHat

Hard-core Linux and Open Source advocate and practitioner since 1998. Senior Solution Architect at Red Hat covering infrastructure and cloud. I've been involved in Open Source Software and Linux in South Africa for 19 years and I have assisted many organisations in their DevOps journey across Africa.

Peter Moon

Peter MoonAWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional: ABSA

Peter enjoys pushing the boundaries of automation and leveraging virtual infrastructure to deliver solutions that almost design and operate themselves.In his view, with virtual infrastructure, you can think of the infrastruture as a software system and build abstractions that more closely align with the problem domain.

Benjamin Hinson

Benjamin HinsonSofware Engineering Manager: ABSA

Accomplished engineering leader capable of delivering large-scale software development initiatives by effectively embedding engineering principles by collaborating, facilitating, leading and coaching multiple product teams. Passionate about agile and DEV-OPS transformation with a key emphasis on carving culture. Identifying, engaging and fostering self-managing and self-organizing teams.


DEREK CHUNGHead: Automation Engineering at Group IT: Standard Bank Group

I have worked in Standard Bank for over 10 years and started as a graduate. Having experience in multiple roles in infrastructure operations and product management for over 8 years, I currently look after a team called Automation Engineering in which our goal is to assist teams to build deployment pipelines via extreme automation to ensure the flow of code into from requirement to production is faster whilst ensuring higher quality. Looking after a team that provides Chef Automation, multi platform Continuous Delivery Pipeline build, local community development and training to drive Devops adoption within the Bank but also ensuring there are sustainable skillsets in the market.

Luke Holderness

Luke HoldernessSenior Technical Account Manager: Amazon Web Services

Luke Holderness is a technical account manager at AWS. Luke has been in the IT industry for 20 years and has worked in the US, UK and South Africa in various roles. He has been at AWS for over three years now, prior to this focusing on infrastructure, with virtualization being his area of primary expertise. He has a wealth of experience in managing complex customers and has a broad knowledge of the IT market in general as well as compliance, security and a strong focus on optimizing businesses using AWS.

Biase De Gregorio

Biase De GregorioExecutive Partner: IQ Business Group

Management consultant at IQ Business (South Africa) passionate about Agile transformation through coaching, training & consulting (CSM, CSP, SPC, PMP, Prince2) Biase is passionate about people and delivery through Lean|Agile approaches, with a focus on creating awesome collaborative working environments. As the head of the agility@IQ offering at IQ Business since 2012, He has built an amazing team of Agile consultants (largest in South Africa) that share a common purpose of continuous learning and improvement. Together with the team, he has trained close to 5000 people on Agile and been involved in some of the largest Agile transformations in the Financial services industry.

Brian Leke Betechuoh

Brian Leke BetechuohHead: Software Engineering Practice: Standardbank

Specialties: Software Team Lead, C#.NET, Mathematical Modelling, Research and Development, Programming in C#.NET, ASP.NET, C++, QT Creator, MATLAB for Modelling, Agile Methodology Coaching, DevOps, Continuous Delivery Practices. 

Andrew Holt

Andrew Holt Engineering Manager: ABSA

Andrew has worked as an Infrastructure Engineer and Developer for a number of large South African banks, and now works as an Engineering Manager for ABSA Bank in South Africa. He currently runs a number of Dev-Ops projects and recently completed implementation of Chef Automate to deploy infrastructure in a new cloud environment.

Aziz Alsharafi

Aziz AlsharafiMEA DevOps & Testing Technical Leader, IBM Cloud Business

A technologist, practitioner and subject matter expert with 18 years of experience in the area of DevOps, Agile Development, Application Life Cycle Management, Software Testing and Process Improvement. Helping organizations make the transition from traditional development practices to a modern set of culture, tooling and processes that increase the release frequency and quality of software.

Andrew Stangl

Andrew StanglConsultant Infrastructure Engineer for FNB CATS InfraOps

Currently consulting at FNB, Andrew is an infrastructure engineer recently relocated back to SA from the UK, where he was immersed in the London Devops movement for over 5 years, as a consultant for The Scale Factory. On his return, Andrew began Ascendant Systems, to bring the knowledge gained from his time abroad to the local market. Andrew has been contracted to FNB since April 2017, and is currently working on modernising their infrastructure tooling alongside the CATS InfraOps team, to assist with improving their Puppet codebase, and implement Terraform at the start of their cloud journey.